Educational Events


Partnering with host organizations, such as a community center or church, we offer seminars led by industry professionals.  Formats include half-day workshops, retreat settings, conference or weekly series.  


Equipping Resources

We offer a number of practical resources for navigating financial decisions, including:


  • The First Year, a checklist for widows, outlining what matters should be addressed and when.  And, whether you have limited resources or a complex estate, planning is necessary.  
  • Our Financial Questionnaire will aid you in the process.  
  • Remembering that financial matters are also deeply personal, we provide an array of resources for individual development.  Examples include a small group study for widows, and assessments for understanding your unique financial personality.


Community Connections

Financial needs often extend beyond education; therefore, Women Renewed partners with other organizations - attorneys, counselors, financial advisors - to provide professional services for free or discounted rates.  Additionally we maintain relationships with benevolent foundations, should basic needs (food, housing and clothing) come to our attention.